Good Shepherd News

Attendance Last Week

Saturday  5:00pm – 111

Sunday 8:30 am – 172

9:45 am – 426

11:00 am – 263

6:00 pm – 46

Wednesday 6:30 pm- 61

Last week 1078 DISCIPLES were sent out to make
a difference in God’s name. We go out to do the
same this week.

Altar Flowers

In memory of Mary Kay Neils and Laura Moffitt

Howard and Dottie Neils


Condolences to Jeanie Werre and family following the death of her husband, Walter

Condolences to Robin Werre following the death of her brother





Western ND Synod Assembly

June 7-8, 2019 Grand Hotel, Minot, ND

The annual Synod Assembly is a gathering of all congregations of the Western ND Synod. We gather for worship, education, celebration, and to do the business of our synod. If you would like to serve as a voting member from Good Shepherd, please contact Pastor Craig by Wednesday, May 22, 2019, for registration information.

Little Free Pantry

We are in need of supplies to fill the Little Free Pantry, located on the northwest side of the building. We are servicing the pantry about five times a week and expect that to increase as we enter the summer months. Items needed include: first aid items, water, canned meat or fish, soups, canned fruits or vegetables, peanut butter, pasta, cereals, grains, baby foods, formula, diapers, socks or hygiene products. Starting May 1st, “Blessing Bags” will be added to the Little Free Pantry. These bags will be a small grab and go bag that includes basic hygiene needs for men, women and children. All items can be dropped off at the church office. Thank you for making this ministry a success and helping to share the Shepherd’s love with all of God’s children.

Sewing Help Needed at MSLCC

MSLCC is looking for volunteers to help the residents with sewing and quilting projects. Contact Jessica Gilbertson at MSLCC if you are interested at 221-9349.

Holistic Stewardship Committee

Have you wondered how you could get involved in the church ministry? We have a great opportunity to be an integral member of the Holistic Stewardship committee. If you have a passion to develop methods and means to call people into personal growth with the capacity to give, serve and care generously, please contact Cheri Giesen (701) 226-7590 or Pastor Craig for more information.

“Buy-a-Mile” and Help our Youth Travel to Minneapolis, Denver and Camp Amnicon this Summer!

Support our youth trips this summer and “Buy-a-Mile” to help with the 3,000+ miles we will travel for Mission Trips to Minneapolis and Denver, and Canoe Trips with Camp Amnicon. Take any envelope off our “Buy-a-Mile” boards for the amount you wish to support and either insert cash or a check to hand in that day, or bring into the office any time.

We greatly appreciate the support of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church! Our middle and high school youth will be exploring God through His beautiful creations this summer, while serving His people and experiencing many new types of worship and praise together.

Attention Good Shepherd Members

Our prayer chain began 20 years ago and over the years, we have lost members to illness, death, moving out of town, etc. We are looking for some “new blood” to add to our existing list of loyal, dedicated, sincere members who care and who keep confidences. Our prayer chain is grounded in Christ. If you are interested in joining our team, please call Cori Quist at 701-224-1929. The only qualification is that you have a big heart.